Malachite Onyx Thunderbird Natural Stone Pendant Necklace

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Product Description

Gorgeous handmade designer jewelry piece begins with a black onyx Thunderbird with forest green malachite overlay. The Thunderbird soars from a natural stone jewelry design necklace of round polished malachite and black onyx gemstones. The one of a kind jewelry piece is finished with shining sterling silver beads and black onyx stars.

The choker length necklace is approximately 15 inches long, A 3 3/4 inch sterling silver extender chain gives you the option of wearing this at a princess length. A sterling silver lobster clasp completes the unique design.

The Thunderbird pendant is approximately 7/8 inch long by 1 3/8 inches wide with a 1 inch drop.

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The coins in the third picture are a 2016 US Lincoln Head penny we used as a size gag. The larger lower coin is a 1960 Halfpenny (Ha'penny). The third very small coin is a Jewish Mite from between 103-76 BC. The later two are more for the history and interest than as size gags.

There is another reason why we added the older coins. The stones we use are beyond ancient, having been formed when the earth was formed. Working with rocks that are millions of years old is awe inspiring. We both feel the same way when we hold a coin from ancient Israel, a coin made famous in the story of the widow's donation. Does this make us romantics? Unabashedly. We are jewelry designers - romance is all a part of that art form.

*Metaphysical information:

The mythical Thunderbird is a powerful entity in many Native American cultures and has almost as many aspects. It can represent authority and power, indomitable spirit, expansiveness, victory, Divine Domination, and a symbol of creation.

Onyx is a strength stone. It assists with steadfastness, stamina, self-confidence, self-control, memory and wise decision making.

Malachite is reputed to be the stone for prosperity, inner peace, intellectual development, good luck and mental clarity. It is said to enhance business success, aid in gaining and keeping a job, and developing leadership skills. It is credited with providing protection to travelers, helping one gain self-confidence, and developing empathy and wisdom.

Metaphysical information is given for your interest. Rivendell Rock Jewelry makes no claims for the healing value of any of our jewelry

Malachite Onyx Thunderbird Natural Stone Pendant Necklace

Unique gemstone designer jewelry by Mother/Son team.

Handmade Jewelry Designs from Rivendelll Rock Jewelry. Welcome to our store. We are a Mother and Son team who create handcrafted designer jewelry using primarily natural gemstones, fresh water pearls, crystals and gorgeous glass beads.