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Lapis Lazuli Rose Heart Handmade Gemstone Pendant Necklace


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Peace Jade Panther Onyx Pendant Necklace, Spirit Animal Totem


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Thunderbird Spirit Animal Wire Wrapped Pendant Sodalite Onyx Handmade Natural Stone Necklace


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Aventurine Onyx Dolphin Pendant Necklace, Spirit Animal Totem


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Citrine Peridot Pearl Cloisonne Natural Stone Heart Necklace


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Howlite Rose Heart Coral Natural Stone Pendant Necklace


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Dolphin Lapis Lazuli Malachite Handmade Necklace


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Dragon Phoenix Coral Onyx Handmade Designer Pendant Necklace


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Peace Jade Onyx Lizard Natural Stone Pendant Necklace, Spirit Animal Totem


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Howlite Lapis Lazuli Thunderbird Handmade Designer Pendant Necklace


Unique gemstone designer jewelry by Mother/Son team.

Handmade Jewelry Designs from Rivendelll Rock Jewelry. Welcome to our store. We are a Mother and Son team who create handcrafted designer jewelry using primarily natural gemstones, fresh water pearls, crystals and gorgeous glass beads.